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Yella's (Burgers/Sandwiches/Shakes - Hawthorne, New Jersey)

One of my latest food finds was Yella's in Hawthorne, New Jersey. Coming to this place, I was blown away by the food variety. There was so much to choose from at this place from burgers, sandwiches, chicken tenders, fries, milkshakes, etc. You get a really good bang for your buck at Yella's, as you can order so much food all at a reasonable cost.

You can't go wrong with a burger, especially a Yella's burger

When I went to Yella's, I first got the 'Yella Burger,' which came with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and Yella's secret sauce on a potato roll. The burger was delicious and was cooked perfectly. The burger tasted very light, but yet satisfying, which I liked.

These tenders are sweet & jumbo for sure

Next, I had the 'Jumbo Tenders,' which come in a pack of three or six flavors ranging from plain, Buffalo, Sweet BBQ, Nashville Hot, Garlic Parmesan, or Lemon Pepper Dry Rub. I got the three-pack with the Sweet BBQ flavor, which was so good. The tenders were ginormous, and very messy from the sauce, lol. They also go really well with Yella's secret sauce.

Nothing beats Sweet Potato Waffle Fries

I also ordered some 'Sweet Potato Waffle Fries,' which hit the spot. They were crunchy and crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside, and they were so good. I loved the combination of these fries being both waffle and sweet potato, especially because that is not a fry combination you usually come across, at least I have not before coming to Yella's.

The Dreamcicle Milkshake tastes like a dream

Last but obviously not least, I got a 'Dreamcicle,' which had an orange sherbet/vanilla shake, whipped cream, orange sprinkles, and a Dreamcicle bar. Yella's is notorious for their over-the-top signature milkshake, and I had the save the best for last here. This milkshake was INSANE in presentation and taste. I am typically not a big fan of anything orange-flavored, but for some reason, I was in the mood to get the 'Dreamcicle' that day, and it was a great choice. It was super filling, and just delicious all around. It took me a long time to finish this whole thing, lol!

You can order anything from burgers, chicken sandwiches, wings/tenders, hot and cold subs, sandwiches, sides, desserts, shakes, and more. Pickup and delivery are offered here. Yella's also provides catering for customers and offers many options for those interested. Something cool that Yella's also has is that you can have a giveback day or event, whether it is schools, sports organizations, local charities, community events, and more. To learn more about the giveback days and events, head to Yella's website to find more information. If you are searching for a unique food place that has a ton of food, and will pay a decent amount, then you need to go to Yella's.

Rate: 9.25/10

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