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Defying Gravitea (Cafe - Pequannock, New Jersey)

Defying Gravitea is a relatively new gluten-free and dairy-free bakeshop in Pequannock, New Jersey, that specializes in baked goods, coffee, tea, breakfast items, salads, and sandwiches.  I was honestly pleasantly surprised by how delicious the food was. I could not taste a gluten or dairy difference in any of the products, and I also felt good while eating everything.

When I went, I ordered some lunch from here and thought it was the perfect opportunity to try this place out. I got the 'Bacon & Bleu,' which had turkey bacon, sauteed onions, raisins, jam, and blue cheese piled on house-baked bread.  This had an excellent balance of sweet and savory, well maybe a little more sweet than savory, lol. However, the flavors between everything were fantastic between the crispiness and saltiness of the bacon to the tanginess of the blue cheese (which I am a huge sucker for), and the sweetness between the bread, onions, raisins, and jam. I would definitely get this sandwich again.

In addition, I also tried the 'Whealth Bar,' which was outstanding, and probably my favorite thing I ate from this shop. It is a homemade granola or oats bar with chocolate, coconut, and raisins. It was so good, and very filling, which I was surprised about, but super tasty, and I would definitely recommend getting this! On top of that, I also got a 'Scone,' which is a classic and favorite here at Defying Gravitea. I got their 'Flavor of the Month,' which for April was a 'Limoncello Scone.' It was lemony, to say the least, lol, but a mouthful and flavorful. The other scone flavors customers can get are the Savory Scone, Almond Matcha, Espresso, Birthday Cake, and Raspberry White Chocolate.

Besides being dairy-free and gluten-free, some menu options here are vegan, and this place does accommodate all dietary needs. Customers can order anything from breakfast, lunch, baked goods, cakes, coffee, tea, and more. Local pickup and delivery are offered here. Catering is provided here for events, including an event space for all special occasions you would like hosted.  On the website, customers can also shop for food, platters, and merchandise.  Plus, you can inquire about all events and wholesale, and check out them out on Instagram. Be sure to also check for all upcoming Defying Gravitea events too.  In need of wanting a sweet treat that does not have gluten and/or dairy, then you have to check out Defying Gravitea in Pequannock because it is the perfect place for you!

Rate: 8.75/10

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