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Five High Marketplace (Deli - Huntington, New York)

Over the weekend, I went to Five High Marketplace in Huntington, New York, out on Long Island, where they invited me to come in and try a few of their delicious sandwiches. Walking in the vibes felt like a true deli and marketplace, and you know that means the food will be excellent! The staff here are all super friendly and awesome and take the time to make sure each order is made right.

I tried two of their famous sandwiches, and the first one I ate was their 'Corned Beef Reuben,' which was AMAZING! Five High is best known for its pastrami and corned beef sandwiches, as it is their best-selling item, and after eating the Reuben I can see why. The corned beef was incredible, as it was beyond juicy and succulent, and melted in my mouth like butter. I was truly mesmerized by every bite because it was insanely good. This also had melted cheese and sauerkraut, and I am not crazy about sauerkraut. However, it went perfectly with this sandwich. I also forgot to mention how massive this was as the Reuben was STACKED!

The second sandwich was their 'Tribeca Hero,' which came with spicy chicken cutlets, fresh mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, and balsamic vinaigrette. This was also loaded and piled with lots of cutlets and lettuce. The sandwich itself was delicious, and had an awesome variety of flavors from the spiciness of the chicken, to the freshness of the mozzarella, to the sweet zesty tang of the balsamic vinaigrette. Both of these were so huge that I did not finish either and took them to go with me.

Besides sandwiches, you can also order breakfast, salads, coffee, smoothies, juices, and more. Pickup and delivery are offered here through apps such as Grubhub, Seamless, DoorDash, and UberEats. Since Five High is also a marketplace, customers can also get any snacks, beverages, or items for sale they desire just like at any convenience store. Five High Marketplace is a deli landmark in Huntington that everyone will love with delicious food and great service!

Rate: 10/10

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