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What To Know About This Food Blogger

I'm Andy Clemente and one of my biggest passions has always been food, well really eating good food and finding the right places to go to.  Food has always been something I've loved and have been obsessed with from the time I was little and probably more than most people to be honest.  Whether it was a party, holiday, birthday or any sort of fun event, you name it, I would really get excited mostly because of the food.  I still to this day get excited for good food whenever I get the chance.  It's a topic I believe creates great conversation and also brings family, friends and other people together and who doesn't love good food, going out to eat and trying new places!  Besides attending a culinary camp in middle school, I don't have much food-related experience other than just my love for it.  But that camp quickly made me realize how I enjoyed eating way more than cooking.  One of the reasons I decided to create Andy's Food & Restaurant Reviews is because I live in New Jersey and have grown up in the Northeast my whole life and I may be biased when I say this but the New Jersey/New York area hands down has the best food in the country.  We have a huge variety of amazing places to eat at from pizza and Italian, bagels, Mexican, sushi, delis and so much more.  The options are just endless!  Sharing some of these places for all of you to see is only fair since some of these spots definitely deserve more of a shoutout and a spot on the map.  My love of eating has especially in this past year taken me to new places I would have never found on my own or tried myself.  I will be sharing my insight on all the great places in the New Jersey and New York area that I believe should get some love and that you definitely need to try out yourself.  All of the places I blog about are joints I have eaten at firsthand and I will give my personal review on what I think is best of the best in the area.  Hope you're ready to get hungry!

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