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Wally's (Breakfast - Surf City, New Jersey)

Long Beach Island is one of my favorite places down the Jersey Shore as there are so many places to go and things to do from the beach, shops, attractions, and especially restaurants. I come to Long Beach Island every summer, and I have come across a handful of restaurants on the island, and one of my places to go for breakfast is Wally's in Surf City. This place all around is fantastic from the food, staff, and service, and I cannot say enough great things about it. I was down in the area last week, and my mom and I stumble upon Wally's and had breakfast here. Also, it was the perfect time, place, and opportunity for another review, lol.

Taste and presentation is on point

For my meal, I ordered the 'Cookie Dough Pancakes,' which come vanilla and chocolate cookie dough inside the pancakes as well on the outside, drizzled with both vanilla and chocolate syrups and powdered sugar. The pancakes themselves were very light and fluffy and hit the spot *chef's kiss.* The true star of this dish though was the cookie dough bits, especially inside the pancakes which were beyond delicious. I think my cookie dough lovers could all relate to this. Besides the pancakes, I also had a 'Cold Brew,' as well which hit the spot, especially because I love my coffee iced and cold as it is refreshing, particularly during summer.

Nice cold brew in the morning always hits the spot

On top of breakfast, Wally's also serves lunch and dinner here too. This spot is also gluten-free and vegan, as there are separate menus that cater to those demographics with dietary needs. Ordering online for takeout is an option for customers who do not want to come in for a sit-down meal. Now, Wally's is usually hopping with people, and if you do not feel like waiting for a table, you can join their waitlist online to see how long the list is and put yourself down for a table. You can sign up for Wally's loyalty program to receive rewards and points, and send digital gift cards to people too. Wally's checks off all the boxes you need for a place out to eat from good food, incredible service, a friendly atmosphere, and a fantastic location...what else could you ask for?!

Rate: 9/10

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