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Wa Seng Kitchen (Chinese - Lincoln Park, New Jersey)

Chinese food is always a great treat to have, as you can get so much delicious food, and the options do not end! The other day, I was in the mood randomly to have some and decided to try out Wa Seng Kitchen in my town of Lincoln Park, which is only a few minutes from my house.

Nothing looks more perfect than Sesame Chicken, am I right?

Whenever I order Chinese food, I always get 'Sesame Chicken,' as that is a must-have for me. The chicken is always delicious, and I am obsessed with the sweet sesame sauce that it is in, as that is what really makes the dish, in my opinion. I could eat a tub of just the sesame chicken sauce if I wanted to, lol! This also came with white rice, and an eggroll which were both delicious.

Eggroll fillings taste so delicious and satisfying

One of my Chinese food must-haves is 'Steamed Dumplings,' because who does not love dumplings! They are just meaty and doughy goodness that always hits the spot. Dumplings are always a savory treat, and I always enjoy every bite when I eat one.

Ordering dumplings are always the right move

Last but not least, one of my main motivators for wanting Chinese food was because I really wanted 'Crab Rangoons.' I was on the hunt big time for some 'Crab Rangoons,' as they are SO good! For those who do not know or are unfamiliar, 'Crab Rangoons' are fried, creamy, and sweet goodness. It is a (cream) cheese wonton filled with crabmeat that comes with the sauce you get with Sweet and Sour Chicken. My oh my, the rangoons were spectacular. I was obsessed, and I enjoyed and savored every bite as I did not want it to end, lol.

Nothing better than a fried, crispy exterior with a creamy filling

As with every Chinese food place, all orders come with fortune cookies.

Every Chinese food meal always ends with a fortune cookie

Takeout and delivery are offered here. The food, service, and everything here at Wa Seng is really great. If you are looking for a good Chinese food place in the area, definitely check out Wa Seng Kitchen as everything here is good.

Rate: 9/10

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