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Tommy's Tavern & Tap (Restaurant/Bar/Pizzeria - Multiple NJ Locations & Staten Island, NY)

Tommy's Tavern is a new restaurant that opened up right near my office, and you already know I had to try it out myself. They have multiple locations scattered all over New Jersey and even one out on Staten Island. However, the one I went to was their Morris Plains location. Tommy's Tavern has everything all over the board from pizza to sandwiches to burgers to sushi. I've already ordered lunch from here several times in the past few months, well almost once a week lol. So all the pictures I have are a few of the things I've ordered.

Christina's Prosciutto Padana Flatbread

One of the items I've gotten before was 'Christina's Prosciutto Padana Flatbread' which might be my favorite thing I've ordered from here so far. It's a flatbread with prosciutto, coal fired onions, mozzarella, cream, and grana padana (another type of cheese). In my opinion, this tasted like perfection from the saltiness of the prosciutto to the creaminess of the cheese, and the dough was perfectly cooked as well, not too soft but not too crunchy.

Onion Rings

Also pictured is their 'Onion Rings.' The last food item featured here is the 'Hickory Bacon BBQ Burger,' which is a burger with bacon, melted cheddar, red onion, and hickory BBQ sauce. This tasted good and I already love the combination of barbeque, bacon, and cheese on a burger, so this was perfect. Some of the other things I've ordered before are the 'Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese,' 'Cali Burger,' 'Pulled Pork Sandwich,' 'Tavern Dip,' and the 'Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich, all of which were delicious.

Hickory Bacon BBQ Burger with Fries (peep the coleslaw in the back)

Besides in-person sit-down eating, you can also for takeout as well from ordering online from their website. Tommy's hosts events and caters to customers as well, and you can also buy gift cards for people to use too! Tommy's Tavern has also been publicly recognized on Forbes, Wall Street Journal, NY Post, Barstool Sports, Inc 5000, Insider, MSN, Asbury Park Press,,, and on a bunch of other sites, blogs, and articles too. However, they now have the thumbs up from Andy's Food and Restaurant Reviews for sure, this is your wake-up call to go to Tommy's Tavern!

Rate: 9/10

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