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Roxanne's Brick Oven Pizzeria Bar & Grill (Italian - Mahwah, New Jersey)

I have been coming to Roxanne's in Mahwah for years now, and this place has been a staple for me and my family for years, as we have celebrated birthdays, holidays, and events here. The food here is fantastic, and there is always something for everyone to eat. Plus, everyone always leaves feeling happy, satisfied, and full, which is a bonus.

One of my go-to's when coming is their 'Baked Ziti,' and it is AMAZING! This ziti is stacked, layered, and piled with tons of pasta and LOTS and LOTS of cheese! If you are going to eat a perfect ziti, this is the one! It has tomato sauce, ricotta, mozzarella, provolone, basil, and oregano. I also got mine (the one pictured) with a mixture of sweet and spicy sausage the last time I went. Everything about this dish is fantastic, and to die for! Every bite is actual perfection, and I truly cannot think of anything better than the 'Baked Ziti' at Roxanne's!

The last time I came here was for Easter, and for an appetizer, my family and I got the 'Clams Oreganato,' which is clams baked with Italian-style bread crumbs in a lemon white wine sauce. I loved baked clams, and these were so good! Between the breading, filling, and wine sauce, they were truly magnificent.

Some of the other dishes I have gotten from Roxanne's that I would suggest getting are their 'Eggplant Rollatine,' 'Fettuccine Alfredo e Pollo,' 'Rigatoni Alla Vodka,' 'Pasta Bolognese,' the 'Meatball Hero,' the 'Create Your Own Panini,' the 'Italiana Salad,' 'Roxanne's Chips,' and 'Calamari Fritti.'

Takeout is also provided here through pickup and delivery from delivery and online ordering apps, so you do not need to have a sit-down meal at Roxanne's to enjoy their food. In addition, there is a party menu for guests hosting events or special occasions at Roxanne's, which can be found on the website for more information.  Gift cards are also available for purchase. To learn more about all discounts, news, promotions, and more, you can sign up for Text Messenger on the website so you can stay up-to-date on all things Roxanne's. Looking for a restaurant for families and parties of all sorts that everyone will love...then you need to check out Roxanne's!

Rate: 10/10

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