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Surf Taco (Tacos - Jersey Shore, New Jerey)

Surf Taco is a taco/Mexican food branch with 11 locations down at the Jersey Shore in Belmar, Jackson, Lacey, Long Branch, Manasquan, Point Pleasant Beach, Princeton, Red Bank, Seaside Park, Ship Bottom, and Silverton. Plus, they even have a joint in Jupiter, Florida!

Recently I decided to take a trip down to Belmar for the day and thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out Surf Taco for lunch.

The first thing I got was their 'Chicken Teriyaki Taco,' which has teriyaki chicken, pineapple, jack and cheddar cheese, lettuce, and pico de gallo in a soft flour tortilla. I liked this taco as I thought it was kind of sweet and tangy, and the pineapple and teriyaki sauce hit the spot!

Pineapples and teriyaki do go together with tacos!

I also ordered their 'Carne Asada Taco,' which had char-grilled steak, avocado, hot salsa, pico de gallo, and cilantro. Honestly, this was amazing, and I loved everything about this taco and especially how it was char-grilled! This was by far my favorite I ordered from the day! I thought the flavors of everything on here were incredible and I would eat this again for sure.

Anything 'Carne Asada' always hits the spot!

On top of that, I ordered the 'Buffalo Solider Burrito,' which has chicken tenders, rice, lettuce, pico de gallo, and blue cheese smothered in a spicy buffalo sauce. I love anything that's buffalo chicken and thought this was pretty good. However, I didn't love it and am not sure if I would order it again.

Buffalo chicken wrapped in a burrito...say less!

All my meals came with a side of tortilla chips, so I decided to order a side of their guacamole (of six ounces). Nothing truly beats chips and guac, and this exceeded my expectations, the chips were salty, salivating, tempting, addicting, and made me keep going back for more, and the guacamole was very creamy and delicious.

Besides my order, you can also get anything from wraps, bowls, salads, seasonal specials, quesadillas, nachos, sides, smoothies/shakes, dessert, and a whole lot more at Surf Taco. They are also famously known for the 'Tsunami,' which is a ginormous burrito. If you finish it in 15 minutes, you can be featured on their Instagram (you can find out what's in the 'Tsunami' on their website)!

You can order/eat your Surf Taco food for in-person, takeout, or delivery. Plus as a bonus, catering is an option here too, and they have some pretty awesome party packages to select from! Next time you go down to the Jersey Shore, you can make your trip more memorable by hitting up a Surf Taco joint near wherever you are.

Rate: 8/10

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