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Isamu (Sushi - Beacon, New York)

Recently, I was up in the Newburgh/Beacon area visiting a friend, and we decided to grab a bite to eat at Isamu in Beacon, and this place was excellent.  Everything was awesome, as the vibes were immaculate, the service was quick, and the food of course, was tasty.  My friend and I ordered the same thing for each course, lol, and we were both satisfied with our meals.

For appetizers, we got the 'Crab Rangoons,' and they were so good!  As you know, I do not ever turn down a 'Crab Rangoon' or say no to one, so how could I pass up the chance to have one, lol. These rangoons were beyond tasty with the crunchy puff pastry coating, and the filling was loaded, more than usual with the crab and cream cheese. Plus, the sweet chili dipping sauce. I cannot rave about these enough, but you know these hit the spot!

For sushi, I got the 'Sakura Roll,' which had shrimp tempura and cucumber with spicy tuna and two types of tobiko and eel sauce. Tobiko is similar to caviar, which I did not know until now. The sushi itself was terrific and very flavorful. It was a mouthful, and I enjoyed every last bite! I recommend getting the 'Sakura Roll' if you are looking for specialty sushi when going to Isamu.

For dessert, I ended my meal with 'Fried Red Bean Ice Cream,' and it was hands-down the best thing I ate at Isamu! It was amazing!! I was obsessed with the fried coating, as it made the ice cream!  Plus, the red bean ice cream was sweet and delicious and complimented the fried layer well.  Plus, this came with chocolate syrup and whipped cream, which is always an added plus!  Needless to say, this was unbelievable!

Isamu is a Chinese and Japanese restaurant so besides sushi, you can order any of your favorites that you eat, love, and can find at a Chinese and/or Japanese restaurant. Pickup and delivery are both offered here for customers as well. Beacon is notorious for having quaint shops, waterfront views, restaurants, bars, and activities for all, and is a landmark spot to visit and Isamu is the perfect place to consider next time you are in the Beacon area!

Rate: 9.25/10

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