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Stuffed Grass Fed Burgers (Burgers - Montclair, New Jersey)

I thought after going to Super Stuffed Burgers (if you haven't seen my review on them, go take a peek), that I couldn't find another burger place out there that could top them.

However, after going to Stuffed Grass Fed Burgers in Montclair, that could take the #1 spot for the best-stuffed burgers in North Jersey. Even though it's in the name, all the burgers are made with Grass Fed beef. The food here is simply incredible, and the choices are all just out-of-this-world! There's so much to choose from here!

The Stuffed Mac & Cheese Burger

For my meal, I had to get one of their stuffed burgers and had the 'Stuffed Mac Burger,' which has bacon, BBQ sauce, and is topped and stuffed with mac and cheese. Yeah that's right, topped AND stuffed. This burger was to die for! The flavors were all just incredible from sweet, tangy, juicy, cheesy, it was just oh so good!

The Bacon Jam Fries

I also had the 'Bacon Jam Fries,' that are topped with smoked Gouda cheese, bacon jam, garlic aioli, and chipotle aioli. The fries were amazing to say the least! The combo of the crispy, crunchy, and golden fries with the gouda, bacon, and aiolis was like cloud nine, if cloud nine could be tasted, lol.

The Cookie Monster Milkshake

Stuffed Grass Fed Burgers is also known for their milkshakes, so I had to get one. I had the 'Cookie Monster Milkshake,' which comes with vanilla ice cream, cookie dough, and Oreo's. I can not rave enough about how amazing the shake was! It was just everything you could dream of that is Cookie Monster flavored and more.

Stuffed Grass Fed Burgers also offers veggie burgers, burger bowls, mac and cheese, salads, and more if you are not in the mood for a burger. Besides food, you can even order merchandise they have from a 'Stuffed Hat' and a 'Stuffed Shirt.' You can eat your food in-person or you can order it to-go for either pickup or delivery. I can not say enough great things about the place, the service, and of course, the food, you have to come and give Stuffed Grass Fed Burgers a try if you can!

Rate: 10/10 (wish I could rate it higher)

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