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Soosanghan Pocha (Korean - Palisades Park, New Jersey)

With the new year starting, it is also the perfect time to try new things, and eating new foods is definitely one of those things. Recently, I was invited to Soosanghan Pocha in Palisades Park, New Jersey, to try out their delicious menu, and I was excited to see what this restaurant had to offer. Soosanghan Pocha is a Korean Izayaka-style restaurant, which is a sit-down bar restaurant with drinks where groups of people gather. Walking inside, I thought the vibes of this place were awesome with the music blasting and a bunch of people sitting all over at the tables just having a good time. Plus, the staff here are super friendly and courteous, which was also great.

To start my experience at this restaurant, I ordered the 'Katsu,' which is fried pork cutlets and spicy rice cakes in a spicy-like sauce. 'Katsu' is typically served in a sauce called tonkatsu sauce, which I believe was in this dish as well. This was super filling, and I did not even finish half of it before feeling full, lol. The sauce had a nice kick, which gave the dish great flavor and heat. The pork cutlets were fried and tender, and the rice cakes were also a nice touch.

I also had the 'Kimchi Pancake,' that came with soy sauce. It is a Korean-style pancake stuffed with kimchi, which are salted and fermented vegetables. Napa cabbage and Korean radishes are the two common vegetables used. This pancake is a great way to get your veggies in, as they were loaded in here, lol. This pancake had a ton of flavors and had some great crunch from the vegetables as well, and surprisingly, it was also a little spicy. Salty and savory are always a good combo, and this dish had that.

The other item I ordered was the 'Fried Dumplings,' which came with soy sauce, and were stuffed with veggies, and had a fried coating on the shell. Dumplings are always a good go-to, as they do not disappoint! These dumplings were terrific and tasty.

One of the other menu items I had was their 'Spicy Pork Quesadillas,' which was one of my favorite things I ate here. It was a great Korean twist on quesadillas. The pork was not spicy for me, but actually more sweet. The flavoring when I bit into the quesadillas had more of a tangy, sweet taste to them. Nonetheless, they were excellent.

On top of that, I also got the 'Bulgogi Tacos,' which were another favorite of mine. I love bulgogi to begin with, and this was insanely good. The meat was succulent, and had a nice spicy, sweet, and tangy touch to these tacos. They were very delicious, and I enjoyed every bite of these.

The last thing I ordered from this place was the 'Sweet N' Spicy Chicken,' and it was really good, and quite a plateful to stay the least, lol. This dish was completely loaded and stacked with chicken all over. The flavoring was great, and I loved the sauce and sauce texture. The chicken was very spicy, sweet, and super good.

Now there are a handful of things to order at Soosanghan Pocha, such as alcoholic beverages, stews, soups, stir-fries, anju, noodles, seafood, pan-fried/grilled/fried entrees, and so much more. Pickup and delivery are both offered here. Soosanghan Pocha also hosts parties and events at the restaurant. One cool thing about this place is that they also have karaoke here, which is fantastic for people to kick back, relax, and enjoy some good food, drinks, performances, and fun times. Also, you can become a VIP member through the website online. If you are looking to try some new and tasty foods, have some drinks, have a good time with great company, and possibly sing some karaoke, then Soosanghan Pocha is the perfect place for you and your friends and/or family to come and give a try!

Rate: 8.75/10

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