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Smorgasburg (Williamsburg (Brooklyn), New York)

I went back to Smorgasburg, but this time in Williamsburg, as they just opened up again to the public starting June 18th on Saturdays. They are located at Marsha P. Johnson State Park alongside the water with views overlooking Manhattan. What beats good food and good views?! Anyways, I won't get into the specifics on Smorgasburg, since I did previous review on them. However, everything is mostly the same other than the location, days, and maybe a few of the vendors, depending on if they are local or not.

For food, I stopped first at Big Mozz and got the 'Mozzarella Sticks.' This place has been a Smorgasburg bucket list of mine, and I'm so glad I tried them out! The mozzarella sticks were fantastic and had a nice cheese pull! They were cheesy, golden, and crunchy with parmesan cheese sprinkled on top, and the sauce was incredible too.

Nothing beats good mozzarella sticks!

Next, I went to Takumi Taco and ordered a 'Japanese Curry Beef Taco.' The taco was amazing, the shell was light, crunchy, and had a wonton-like substance to it. The inside was very filling from the meat, spices, cheese, and veggies. The taco had a nice spice kick to it, but it was not an overkill which was nice. I would definitely become a regular at Takumi Taco if I lived closer!

Japanese Curry Beef & Tacos are the combo you didn't know you needed

After that, I stopped at John's Juice to grab a drink. What stands out about this place is that they serve fruit juice with the fruit being the cool does that sound! I had the 'Watermelon John,' which is watermelon juice in a watermelon. You can also choose to get select fruit chasers to go with it or not, I got mine with strawberry, and it was delicious. Sweet, refreshing, but very heavy carrying around the watermelon, almost like a baby lol, but it was an interesting beverage experience and was worth it.

Where else can you find fruit juice served in a fruit?

Next on the list, I went to Destination Dumplings and had some 'Korean Beef Dumplings,' which were spectacular. The dumplings had a great balance of meat and shell, plus they came with sesame seeds and some sort of spicy sauce which went perfectly with them. But honestly, you can't go wrong with dumplings.

Sesame seeds & sauces always go great with dumplings

Finally, I ended the day at Mikey Pomodoro and had a 'Meatball' and 'Vodka Chikky Parm' sliders. These were delectable, the bread had a light crunch (which is the best), the sauce tasted authentic, the meat and cheese were fresh, and it had a little kick to them. There was a little bit of spice and seasoning on both sliders, specifically the 'Vodka Chikky Parm' one, as it had red pepper flakes on them. But in all honestly, I wouldn't think to add red pepper flakes to Italian food, but it made the sliders a knockout!

These slides are what perfection looks like captured in a photo

If you're looking to find something to do on the weekends, go to Smorgasburg! You won't leave hungry, will have a day outing, do something new and try new things, possibly meet new people, and the vibes are also immaculate.

Rate: 10/10

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