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Simply Southern (Southern - Belmar, New Jersey)

My latest food find was Simply Southern, which is down the Jersey Shore in Belmar. It is not often that you come across a restaurant that serves Southern food up North, so I decided to give this place a try. Let me tell you, I was definitely not disappointed as the food was beyond fantastic! The food here tastes very homemade and for sure comforting.

Just look at how amazing this Mac N' Cheese is

When I went to Simply Southern, the first I ordered was their 'Mac N' Cheese,' and it was SO good! Definitely one of the best mac and cheeses I have had out there! It was fully baked like a casserole, which is just how I like it. It was cheesy, stacked, delicious, and oh so good. The other thing I got was the 'Sweet Potato Hush Puppies,' and they were tasty. I have not had hush puppies, so I did not know what to expect, but they were delicious. A bunch of deep-fried, cornmeal batter goodness, but in sweet potato form. The hush puppies were sweet, sugary, and almost a little cinnamon-like. I would definitely eat hush puppies again, especially in sweet potato form.

Sweet potato anything always tastes great

All the dishes served here are your typical and traditional homecooked Southern food that you would expect to eat down in the South. Takeout is offered here, as well as catering, and make sure to check out their menu and inquire for any events! This place has also received some press recognition through ABC7 and NJ related press articles, to name a few. If you have not gone before, you definitely need to go to Simply Southern in Belmar if you get the chance because the food is incredible and simply Southern.

Rate: 10/10

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