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Pita Bowl Greek Cuisine (Greek - Lindenhurst, New York)

One of my most recent Long Island food finds was Pita Bowl in Lindenhurst. I love Greek food and cannot get enough of it, and all the food here is incredible. Whenever I order Greek food, I always have to get a couple of things because I have such a hard time choosing, lol.

Love everything about spinach pie

When I went to Pita Bowl, I ordered a few menu items, of course, lol. The first thing I got was 'Spanakopita' (Spinach pie), which was a necessity for me. 'Spanakopita' is one of, if not, my favorite Greek dishes, and it is light, crunchy, and just flat-out delicious. The combination of spinach, feta cheese, and filo dough is just *chef's kiss*.

Gyro + Eggroll = Gyroll

I also ordered the 'Beef/Lamb Gyrolls,' which is pretty much like a gyro in eggroll form. It is basically an eggroll with beef/lamb and mozzarella cheese that comes with pita sauce. The pita sauce tastes similar to a chipotle aioli as it is creamy and tangy with a kick of spice. The gyroll was good and tasty, just like what you would imagine, a beef/lamb gyro as an eggroll.

The last thing I also had was the 'Snack Wrap,' which is basically like a snack wrap we all used to know and love from McDonald's. It is a mini wrap with crispy chicken, cheddar, lettuce, tomato. I got the pita sauce with mine, but you can select between honey mustard or ranch if you would like. This was not overfilling but delicious and hit the spot. Plus, it was like stepping back into the past and with all the flavors.

The beloved snack wrap

For any other menu options besides what I mentioned, you can check out the menu and website to see what Pita Bowl offers. This place is gluten-free friendly and is a great choice for anyone who does not eat gluten. If you are interested, you can also get catering from here as they have lots of great options. Takeout and/or delivery are offered here as well. Delivery does require a $15 minimum though. The restaurant also has a refund policy that applies to all walk-in, online, and calling customers who place orders. If you are interested in learning about the policy more, you can read more about it on their website. Next time you are in the mood for some good Greek food, you should definitely hit up Pita Bowl!

Rate: 9/10

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