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Pete's Meats & Grill (Meat - Wayne, New Jersey)

Pete's Meats & Grill in Wayne is a deli and butcher shop that I recently found that is right in my area. My brother and his girlfriend have gone there before and have raved about how amazing the food is. So you know I had to go and give it a try myself and let me tell you, I was blown away how tasty everything was.

Just look at how beautiful that ribeye looks!

I ordered the 'Prime Steak Sandwich,' and it was SO good! The meat was, without a doubt, the star of the sandwich as it was tender, juicy, and very flavorful. In case you want to know, the steak was ribeye. I found the steak itself to be perfectly cooked, as it was not tough or too soft, which was great. Besides the steak, the sandwich had pickled red onions, basil aioli, watercress, and fontina on a garlic baguette. This was definitely mouthful, and eating this made my tastebuds salivate and water nonstop.

On top of the sandwich, I was also in the mood for something to go with it, so I also ordered the 'Gourmet Mac & Cheese,' and it was delicious. At first looking at it, I was a little disappointed as it did not look like the casserole type of mac and cheese I was expecting.

However, I shortly proven wrong as the taste and flavors completely blew me away and tasted exactly like the casserole-like mac and cheese I was craving and even better. This was so good, creamy, and felt very comforting while eating, and I was very satisfied.

The mac and cheese here is beyond heavenly

From the grill side, you can order sandwiches, meat, family meals, tacos, wings, sides, and more. From the butcher shop, customers can buy anything from prime beef, poultry, seafood, pork, veal, lamb, sausage, and even ravioli! They also have a bunch of prepared food and plant-based food, as this place is plant-based friendly! Catering is offered here too, including any online orders. On the website is CJ's Burgers, a new smash burger concept from Pete's Meats that sounds really cool! Plus, pre-packaged home deliveries are provided for customers which is a great option! Also, for all restaurants in the NJ and NY area, Pete's Meats is a wholesale meat supplier and can be a great resource for all restaurant meats for those interested. Overall, if you are looking for some good meat, whether it is a cut or sandwich, Pete's Meat is the spot you need to try!

Rate: 9.75/10

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