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PDQ (People Dedicated to Quality) (Chicken - Westbury, New York)

One of the last few times I was out on Long Island, I came across a new fast food joint called PDQ or People Dedicated to Quality that is not super common in the Northeast. This was my first time hearing about PDQ, and I was curious about learning more of this place from what food they sell to even the name, as I find it intriguing and quirky. When I realized it was a fast food chicken shop, I was definitely excited to try as I love a good chicken sandwich.

Definitely a quality meal at People Dedicated to Quality

For food, I had the 'Crispy Chicken Deluxe Sandwich,' which came with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and their signature PDQ sauce. The PDQ sauce had a lot of zest to it, as it was savory, tangy, and had a kick of pepper and garlic, and it definitely complemented the sandwich well. The sandwich was breaded, crispy goodness, and who cannot resist having a crispy chicken sandwich. With the sandwich, I also got the 'Waffle Fries,' and those hit the spot as when has anyone eaten waffle fries that they did not like. I also got a soft drink, but I cannot remember what I got, lol.

Besides sandwiches and fries, you can also order chicken nuggets, tenders, salads, drinks, sides, treats, and more. There are two locations out on Long Island, one in Farmingdale, and another in Westbury (the location I went to). Outside of New York, they also have a few New Jersey locatons in Cherry Hill, Marlton, and Sicklerville (Winslow Twp.), for anyone interested. They also have a ton of spots in Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Takeout, delivery, and catering are all offered here. For those with food allergies or focused on nutrition, you can head to their website, as they have a ton of information regarding the nutrition at PDQ and what ingredients are included in each menu item. On the website, you can also inquire about getting involved with fundraising and hosting events, keep up with all PDQ news and offers, learn more about earning points for free food, buying and using e-gift cards, and much more. This place is perfect for all you fast food lovers out there, and is great if you are looking to try something new and different!

Rate: 8.25/10

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