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P.F. Chang's (Chinese - Wayne, New Jersey)

We all know that P.F. Chang's is a true classic Chinese food spot, and doing a review was not a question for me. My family and I recently went to their location in Wayne, and the experience was great. The food, service, and atmosphere were all spectacular.

To kick off the meal, I ordered an 'Espresso Martini' for my drink, and it was so good. In my opinion, Espresso Martini's always hit the spot as they are sweet and strong, and give you the perfect boost that you are looking for.

Next, we got the 'Hand-Folded Crab Wontons' or Crab Rangoons, and they were SO good. I am obsessed with crab rangoons between the crispy and crunchy shell to the crabby, creamy, and cheesy filling, and to the sweet, tangy dipping sauce it comes, there is nothing better.

For my main meal, I had their 'Signature Lo Mein' with pork, and it was super delicious. My family and I also ordered the 'Sesame Chicken,' and the 'Beef with Broccoli,' and both were super good. These Chinese food classics were very tasty, fresh, and hit the spot.

Of course, we ended the night with some dessert and got the 'Banana Spring Rolls,' which were incredible. They were very light, crunchy, sweet, and super satisfying. The spring rolls also came in a caramel-vanilla drizzle with coconut-pineapple ice cream, and both were so good and complimented the 'Banana Spring Rolls' really well.

P.F. Chang's has everything food-wise there is to offer when it comes to Chinese food. This restaurant also has a gluten-free menu and goes above and beyond with all eating restrictions, especially food allergies. If you are curious about learning more or even seeing how nutritional your meal will be, check that all out on the website. Pickup and delivery are both offered here for customers. Catering is provided here, and you can check out more information on the website for all the packages offered. In addition, you can also place reservations online. Also on the website, you can earn rewards, buy some P.F. Chang's merchandise, apply for a job, and so much more. If you are in the mood for some good, quality Chinese food, you know P.F. Chang's is the place you need to go to.

Rate: 9/10

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