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OISO BBQ PIT (Smoked BBQ - Fort Lee, New Jersey)

Over this past weekend, OISO BBQ PIT in Fort Lee invited me to try out their food, and everything was beyond incredible! This place has food galore, and I walked out of there feeling stuffed, which is always great. Besides the food, OISO pulls out all the stops from the staff, service, and ambience to make sure their hungry customers have a great experience.

To start my meal, I ordered a 'Yuengling Lager,' which was satisfying and hit the spot. For appetizers, I tried their 'Brisket Slider,' which was SO good. The meat was smoky, juicy, and absolutely delicious.

For my main meal, I ordered a few items from the menu, and as you can see from this first picture here, OISO goes all out! When I was at the restaurant, I noticed that all orders come to you on a tray just like mine, and I found that to be a really unique concept as that is not something you typically do not see at most restaurants. Plus, I thought it was a cool way to do something different to stand out. I got a 'Half Rack of Baby Back Ribs,' 'Spicy Bacon,' Habana Corn,' and 'Baked Beans.'

I will start with the ribs as they were SPECTACULAR. The meat was very tender, mouthwatering, and of course, smoked. Next, the bacon was incredible and probably my favorite thing I ate at OISO. This slab of bacon was not likely a generic piece of crispy bacon you would eat. Instead, this was THICK, or should I say thicc lol, and was very saucy and seasoned. I did not find the 'Spicy Bacon' to be spicy. If anything, it had a slight kick, but still outstandingly good! The corn was awesome, as it was very seasoned, slightly smoked, buttery, and cheesy, as it was coated with parmesan cheese, which is the perfect and only way to eat corn. The 'Baked Beans' were flavorful and tasty with cheddar. If anything, I found the 'Baked Beans' to be the spiciest thing I ate, as they had some heat.

There were also many sweet, savory, and delectable sauces you can choose from when eating at OISO such as the Fort Lee Mustard, Chinese BBQ, Spicy Sesame Mayo (my favorite one), and Sweet & Spicy. Looking back, I wished I would have asked to take home a tab of the 'Spicy Sesame Mayo,' lol, because I could eat that all the time like it is no problem, lol. On top of that, there was also ketchup and regular BBQ sauce, which were both excellent.

At OISO BBQ PIT, the list of what you can order is endless from smoked meat, burgers, salads, appetizers, sides, bowls (beef brisket, pulled pork, chicken, or salmon), seafood boils, and so much more. Pickup and delivery are both offered if you are interested in just takeout. For anyone inquiring about events, OISO offers to host all kinds of special events as they do have an event space that is separate from the restaurant. There is also a catering/event menu for all special events. Both are accommodating for all your parties and guests. More information on catering and events can be found on the website. Also, on the website, if you have any questions about OISO, you can submit your contact information, and someone will reach out to answer all your questions. OISO BBQ PIT in Fort Lee is THE place to grab some solid BBQ food, as I think it is THE BEST BBQ spot in North Jersey!

Rate: 10/10 (should be higher than a 10)

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