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Oakland Diner (Diner - Oakland, New Jersey)

Recently, I decided to try out a diner in my area that I have not been to in a long time. The food here is great, and it is definitely worth the stop. The place is called Oakland Diner in Oakland, New Jersey.

This Cowboy Chicken Wrap meal was definitely a feast to say the least

For my food, I ordered the 'Cowboy Chicken Wrap,' which came with crispy chicken, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, crispy onions, and chipotle mayo in a bean spread wrap. I will be honest, this combination was definitely interesting, especially with the bean spread. I was not sure what to think, but it was incredible. Everything about the wrap tasted magnificent from the crispiness of the chicken and onions, to the cheese, to the nice subtle crunch to the lettuce, to the bean spread, and to the sweet tangy kick of the chipotle mayo. This was all beyond good! The wrap also came with curly fries and some coleslaw, which was a nice bonus. I love curly fries, and everything about them is simply perfection. Plus, they are great to dip into the coleslaw. This combination is delicious, and definitely try if you have not before.

In terms of food, Oakland Diner has everything you could imagine at any diner. Takeout and delivery are offered here for customers. Next time you need a good diner recommendation in the North Jersey area, make sure to hit up the Oakland Diner.

Rate: 8.75/10

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