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Mt. Kisco Diner (Diner - Mt. Kisco, New York)

I found the Mt. Kisco Diner on my Instagram a few months ago and from looking at all the menu options and seeing how creative and Instagrammable the food looked, I knew I had to jump on the opportunity and take the trip!

For my food, I ordered a bunch of different stuff because I had to try a variety and couldn't just get only one thing. One of the meals I got was their 'Buffalo Chicken Tacos,' and these were UNBELIEVABLE! Now the twist here is for a shell, they use breaded buffalo chicken cutlets as the taco shells which were incredible and inside is the restaurant's homemade mac and cheese with chopped up bacon. The chicken was breaded and seasoned perfectly and the mac and cheese tasted creamy, cheesy and homemade which was an amazing combo together.

These Buffalo Chicken tacos are a perfect example of how nothing's ordinary about the Mt. Kisco Diner

I also got their 'Godfather Wrap,' which was the post I saw that attracted me to this joint in the first place. This wrap has penne vodka and mozzarella sticks, yeah you heard me right! It was incredible, to say the least, and I can't think of a better combo of penne vodka and mozzarella sticks together. Plus, who doesn't love both of these foods!

Name a better duo than penne vodka & mozzarella sticks in a wrap...I'll wait!

I was also in the mood for something sweet and decided to get their 'Birthday Cake' pancakes which are their original pancakes with birthday cake mix smothered in a vanilla glaze and rainbow sprinkles. If you've seen some of my past dessert reviews, you already know I'm obsessed with anything birthday cake flavors, so I loved everything about this as these were also off-the-hook! My orders are just a couple of examples of the great, creative comfort food Mt. Kisco Diner offers.

Birthday cake on pancakes just got a whole lot better

This diner is not the traditional 24/7 one as they are only open from nine in the morning to nine at night. You can go in-person, order online, cater and purchase gift cards to eat here as well. You can also have some of the diner's creations like their deep-fried wraps and cereal cheesecakes' shipped nationwide to you, so you can live wherever and get a piece of Mt. Kisco Diner in the comfort of your own home. Mt. Kisco Diner may have had some recognition before from News12, Food Insider, Tastemade, and Westchester Magazine, but they've got my thumbs up for sure! You are honestly doing life wrong if you don't go to the Mt. Kisco Diner, this is your PSA from me to do so!

Rate: 10/10 (this place needs at least an 11)

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