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MO'NELISA Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria (Pizza/Restaurant - Point Lookout, New York)

A few weekends ago, I went out on Long Island to view some friends and find some new places to eat from. One of my friends works at MO'NELISA in Point Lookout which is a pizza shop and Italian restaurant all in one. I decided to take my friend up on his offer, and I am so glad I did because everything was incredible!

Just look at that barbeque and ranch drizzles

When I went to MO'NELISA, I was in the mood for some pizza and got two slices. One being 'BBQ Chicken' (which my friend suggested) and the other being 'Buffalo Chicken.' Both of them were incredible, however, I enjoyed the 'Buffalo Chicken' slightly more. I love that the condiments are directly on the slices for both of these. The thing I loved about MO'NELISA pizza is that the actual slices and crust have a great ratio of not being thin or thick as well as not being too hard and crunchy or soft. Both have a solid in-between, which makes for a perfect slice. They were both very filling, and I was definitely satisfied after eating them.

Have not seen a buffalo chicken slice before look as good as this one

Now this establishment has all foods that you would expect to find at any traditional pizzeria and Italian restaurant. Takeout and delivery are offered here. On top of that, catering is provided here as well, and MO'NELISA also hosts private events at the restaurant, more information can be found on their website. Gift cards are also allowed and offered to use for all purchases. Next time you need to find a good pizza and Italian place in the Long Beach and Point Lookout, definitely consider trying MO'NELISA.

Rate: 10/10

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