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Millburn Deli (Sandwiches - Millburn, Montclair & Morristown, New Jersey)

I found the Millburn Deli online recently and once I came across it, I knew I had to go there for a review. The sandwiches look amazing and filling, and they tasted just as good too! They have three locations scattered across North Jersey in Millburn, Montclair, and Morristown (which is the one I went to).

BBQ Pulled & Mac/Cheese dream right here

So Millburn Deli usually has a few monthly specials that customers can choose from, and one of the specials for January is a 'Big BBQ Mac & Cheese Melt,' which is what I got. It has BBQ pulled pork, mac & cheese, muenster cheese & chipotle on pressed Texas toast. I can't rave about this sandwich enough as it was nothing but amazing! The flavors of everything just oozed together, and it was cheesy, meaty, sweet (from the BBQ sauce), and crunchy, which is everything you want in a phenomenal sandwich and more!

Sloppy Joe but make it Reuben style

I also got the 'Salsalito Turkey Sloppy Joe,' which has Salsalito turkey, swiss, coleslaw, and Russian dressing on triple-decker Rye. This was delicious and nothing short of lots and lots of layers of goodness. This was basically a Turkey Reuben, and all the flavors of everything complemented each other really well.

On top of that, I also ordered their 'Macaroni Salad' because you can't go to a deli and not order a pasta/potato salad of some sort! I really liked this one a lot mainly because it had cavatappi pasta instead of macaroni, which I thought was creative. It has mayo and pickles too, and this one honestly tasted sort of citrus-like, but I wasn't a hater of that though.

Mac Salad with Cavatappi

Now I'm not sure if this applies to all locations, but the Morristown one is only available for takeout and/or delivery. Sit-down or eating in person isn't an option for this joint. You can also have food catered from Millburn Deli from sandwiches, platters, salads, and even desserts! Plus, you can also buy and use gift cards from here too! Millburn Deli is definitely a one-of-a-kind eatery, and I can't wait to come back again in the future!

Rate: 9.5/10

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