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Mill House Brewing Company (Pub - Poughkeepsie, New York)

I have been to the Mill House Brewing Company up in Poughkeepsie a couple of times as my brother used to go to school at Marist, and my family and I would go out to eat there. The vibes here are great, and so is the food and beer. The last time I went to Mill House was last fall, and recently I was up in the area, and it made me remember how I planned to do a review from here and took pictures. Well better late than ever, lol!

Can't go wrong with a good draft beer

Coming to Mill House, I always have to get a draft beer, and last time I went was no exception. I do not exactly remember which beer I had, but I am pretty sure it was probably the 'Mill House Light.' I typically prefer draft beers that are lighter and sometimes more golden. I find these beers to be delicious and satisfying.

Now for food, I had one of the specials at the time, the 'Peanut Satay Wings,' and they were amazing. The wings had a fantastic ratio of meat, great outer/coating, and good flavor and seasoning. Everything all around was very well-balanced. You definitely get a good bang for your buck with these wings! The peanut satay flavor was beyond heavenly and went perfectly with the wings. I could eat an entire thing of peanut satay sauce no problem without anything, lol!

The Peanut Satay wings are the real deal

All bar and pub-like food is served here. Some of the specials provided here is a dine-in special from three to five p.m. from Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. They also have brunch on Sundays which is a great option too. Catering is offered here as well. Mill House Brewing Company hosts events from time to time that looks like a lot of fun and seem enjoyable. They also offer gift cards, reservations can be done online, and you can sign up to become a VIP on their website. If you are in search of a place with great food, beer, and service in the Poughkeepsie area, Mill House Brewing Company is the perfect place you need to hit up next!

Rate: 10/10

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