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Midland Brew House (Bar/Brew House - Saddle Brook, New Jersey)

Recently, I tried out Midland Brew House in Saddle Brook with a friend, and we were both obsessed with how great this place was! The vibes and aesthetic were excellent, as well as the drinks and food. It is the perfect place to grab a cold one on the weekend or even any day or night of the week.

Of course, I got a beer, and I wish I remembered what type or name it was because it was so good! It was very light, refreshing, a little sweet, and not too my opinion, it was just right. I also sampled a few other beers as well (forgot the names of those too), and they were good. For food, I got two of their specials, 'Meatball Sliders' and 'Risotto Balls,' and both were incredible. They sounded so good that I could not decide between both, lol. The sliders were awesome, as the sauce and cheese were terrific, and the meatballs were cooked, breaded, and seasoned perfectly. Plus, the buns were toasted, which was a nice touch! The risotto balls were insanely tasty, and they had a delicious sauce and truffles on the top, which was amazing!

At Midland Brew House, you can order anything from appetizers, pizza, sliders, tacos, burgers, sandwiches, steak, sides, and so much more. Plus, you cannot forget about the drinks here from their beer, drafts, wine, cocktails, and more. Brunch is served every Sunday (only) from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., so make sure you go one Sunday! You can apply for a job on their website for those interested. Also, on the website, you can keep up with all the weekly events here. Valet parking is available, however they do have a non-valet or public parking lot across the street. You can call to make a reservation, and pickup and delivery are offered only through Uber Eats. Next time you are seeking out a solid sports bar in North Jersey, definitely consider Midland Brew House in Saddle Brook because it is worth the visit!

Rate: 9.5/10

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