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Memphis Seoul (Soul Food/Korean - Manhattan (East Village), New York)

Recently, I was invited to Memphis Seoul, in Manhattan, to try out their delicious menu, and my experience was great. This restaurant is in the East Village of New York City, and the vibes here felt inviting and spectacular when I walked inside. Everything on the menu looked so appetizing, which made it even more difficult to choose.

However, I did order a bunch of stuff to try, and I was impressed by it all. This is a place that knows how to put love into food, as I could taste that in every bite, as everything tasted delicious and homemade. The first thing I ate was the 'Fried Chicken Sandwich,' which was so good! The chicken tasted fried, crispy, and crunchy, but what I liked about this fried chicken was that it tasted fresh, and it made the sandwich taste so much better! This sandwich also had coleslaw on it, as well as some spicy and tangy sauce that went perfectly with it.

The next thing I had was the 'Pulled Pork Bun,' and I love bao buns, so this was perfect! The pork was juicy and succulent, the barbeque sauce was exquisite, and the bun was super fluffy. This bun was super satisfying and filling, and I would recommend it.

Also, I had the 'Korean Kornbread,' which was spectacular. It tasted like a true traditional piece of cornbread that was soft and had lots of corn flavor, lol. However, this cornbread had some seasoning, which gave an interesting kick and something I had not had while eating cornbread before.

On top of all that, I also ate the 'Loaded Bulgogi Meatloaf Tots,' which were honestly incredible! This was by far one of my favorite things I ate from Memphis Seoul. The tots were perfect, and the bulgogi meatloaf was heavenly, as it was perfectly cooked and simply delicious! It also came in the same spicy, tangy sauce in the 'Fried Chicken Sandwich,' which gave some heat and a great kick to the tots.

And last but definitely not least, I got the 'Strawberry Soju Cake,' a rum cake with strawberry soju icing. Let me tell you, this was amazing! By far, my other favorite thing I ate besides the loaded tots. It was super sweet, had great strawberry flavor, had a perfect balance of not being too dry or moist, and had lots of icing. This cake was beyond delicious, and I would definitely eat this more, if I could find another strawberry soju cake out there, lol.

At Memphis Seoul, customers can order anything from fried chicken (hot too) and catfish, steamed buns, sandwiches, rice bowls, tots, wings, salads, sides, desserts, soju (Korean alcohol), and much more. Besides their Manhattan location, they also have another spot in Brooklyn in the Crown Heights neighborhood. Pickup and delivery are available at both locations. Catering is provided here, and more information is on the restaurant's website. Gift cards can be purchased here for customers to use for future orders. For those with food allergies, you can go to the website to check out what ingredients are in each menu item. Memphis Seoul is truly a hot food spot in NYC, just check out all the press and online/social reviews this place receives, and it should be a restaurant on everyone's food bucket list!

Rate: 10/10

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