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Manny's Sweet Treats (Dessert - Rockville Centre, New York)

One of my recent food finds on Instagram was Manny's Sweet Treats out on Long Island. They are known for having a ton of delectable desserts that are very creative, over-the-top, and something you cannot miss out on! There are two locations, one in Mineola and another in Rockville Centre, which is the one I went to. One of the biggest things that stood out to me from here was their dessert burrito crepes because they look delicious, and how common do you hear of stuff like that, lol!

Cheesecake, nutella, & oreos wrapped up together all in one...WOW

I got both of the burritos crepes, the 'Cheesecake Nutella & Oreo Burrito Crepe' and the 'Red Velvet Burrito Crepe.' Both came with churro bites on the same that were really good (sweet and crunchy) and a nice touch with the burrito crepes. Both are pretty self-explanatory, but the 'Cheesecake Nutella & Oreo' was my favorite. I felt the pairing of all three was amazing, especially since I already love cheesecake and Nutella. Plus, the Oreos give a nice crunchy touch to it. Overall, this one really hit the spot! The 'Red Velvet' one was really good too. That one came with cream cheese filling and a chocolate drizzle. This burrito crepe was spectacular and was 'Red Velvet' at its finest. Very, very good!

You can't ever go wrong with Red least in my book

Besides my order, there's so much you can order at Manny's Sweet Treats from their entrees, pancakes, waffles, crepes, ice cream, milkshakes, donuts, other pastries, and so much more. They have a potion shop as well which is something you would want to look more into! I highly suggest going online to their website and looking at their menu because it will visually and descriptively give you a better understanding of how uniquely creative this place is! Customers have the option to send people pancakes, waffles, crepes, or fruit baskets with greeting cards and balloons for birthdays. This is one way to make someone's birthday feel special! You can eat in person or for pickup and/or delivery. Gift cards and catering are also offered here which are great options for people here too. Manny's Sweet Treats has almost everything dessert-related you could imagine and more, definitely stop by the next time you're in Nassau County!

Rate: 10/10

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