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Krave It (Pizza/Sandwiches - Bayside (Queens), New York)

Krave It is one of those "bougie food places" that stood out to me when I came across their profile on Instagram. The food looks amazing and reading the menu left me salivating, so I knew had to pay this joint a visit. Krave It has two locations in Queens, one in Bayside (which is where I went) and another in Astoria.

The Bubba Senior

This is one of those places where I was torn on what to order because everything looks very delicious! In the end, I ordered the 'Bubba Senior,' which is a brisket sandwich that has caramelized onions, smoked mozzarella with a beet horseradish mayo. This sandwich was incredible, all the flavors meshed together so perfectly, and I loved every bite of it! I'm already craving this again, lol! I also got the 'Fort Totten,' which are fries served with melted mozzarella and chipotle mayo. After eating the 'Fort Totten,' I don't ever want to eat fries plain again because the cheese and chipotle mayo hit the spot and made them excellent, and my tastebuds feel dynamite!

The Fort Totten Fries

I can't even begin to explain how spectacular and over-the-top the menu here is other than to just go take a look for yourself. It's every food lover's dream from pizza, subs, wings, fries, etc., the options are endless! Just like the food, the choices are endless from ordering for in-person, delivery, or takeout. Plus, they cater too. If you're in Queens or nearby, I highly recommend you give Krave It a go, you won't regret it!

Rate: 10/10

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