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Jose Tejas (Mexican - Fairfield & Woodbridge, New Jersey)

Nothing truly beats good authentic Mexican food, at least in my opinion. For all my Jersey people out there, you know one of our many state staples is Jose Tejas and for those of you who are unfamiliar with Jose Tejas, you're in for a real treat because this place is my next review. Jose Tejas is a Mexican restaurant that has two locations, one in Fairfield and another in Woodbridge (I recently came across that they also have two locations in Massachusetts and one in Delaware as well). The Fairfield joint is right near my house so of course I went there. Now I've always heard nothing but raving reviews when it comes to Jose Tejas and have wanted to go for so long and my birthday was recent so I thought it was perfect time to go and I have no regrets!

Jose Tejas' Beef Enchiladas

For my food, my family and I ordered the 'Queso Dip' as an appetizer and I have to say it was pretty good and obviously very cheesy. Now I don't know if it's me or not, but there's something about tortilla chips at Mexican restaurants that taste better than the ones you'd buy at the store, but anyways the chips were delicious too. For my main meal, I ordered the 'Beef Enchiladas' which is beef and cheese stuffed in wrapped-up tortillas in their homemade enchilada sauce which came with rice and beans. I am obsessed with the combination of anything meat, cheese, carbs and sauce combined altogether so I thought this was incredible! Obviously Mexican food can be spicy and my food definitely had a kick to it but it was tolerable and not overwhelming, especially the rice and beans, which I found great because I don't mind spice but sometimes it can be an overkill though and this was a good balance in my opinion.

This picture does no justice to huge this glass really was!

Now I am of age and you know I had to get a margarita because I wouldn't be doing the entire Jose Tejas experience right if I didn't get one. I got a 'Strawberry Margarita' and it didn't disappoint! It tasted like strawberries (of course) and was very sweet and strong (plus I prefer sweet drinks so this was a win-win for me). On top of that, the glass was huge and it took me the entire dinner to finish it!

Besides what I ate you can also order from the menu, burros, tacos, salmon, chicken, empanadas, salads, appetizers (chips and guac or salsa, chicken, gumbo, pastelitos (Cuban puff pastries for those who don't know)) and jambalaya for sides. Jose Tejas is also vegetarian and kid-friendly so this is a place everyone can enjoy! This is a traditional sit-down place, however if you don't want to go in-person, you can order takeout for curbside pickup as well. Overall, Jose Tejas is a great place to eat at and I definitely recommend trying them out if you're near a location!

Rate: 8.75/10

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