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Hold My Knots (Garlic Knots - Hillsdale, New Jersey)

Now I've come across some pretty fascinating restaurants since starting my reviews, but I have to say Hold My Knots is up there as a "next-level" or "out-of-this-world" kind of place when it comes to the food. What gets more awesome than a garlic knot slider?!

Hold My Knots is similar to my last review, Island Empanada where there is a variety of garlic knot sliders to order, and each one is a couple of dollars (each slider is $4.50). So you know I got a bunch of different stuff I tried out. I got the Meatball Parm, Eggplant Parm, Chicken Vodka, Philly Cheesesteak, and a Sausage, Peppers, & Onions one. The sliders were all very garlicky of course, lol, and delicious. I think each slider sounds pretty self-explanatory and doesn't have a further description on taste or flavor, but my favorite one was the 'Chicken Vodka' one, especially because I'm a lowkey sucker for some good vodka sauce, and this hit the spot!

Everything here is so good!

Besides the sliders, I also ordered a pepperoni-stuffed garlic knot which was incredible. Garlic knots are already fantastic, but with the pepperoni and cheese (and marinara dipping sauce) it came with was *chef's kiss*. On top of that, I also got the 'Buffalo Mozzarella Sticks' that are covered in buffalo sauce and come with a blue cheese dressing. These were delicious and a great "popular" twist to mozzarella sticks!

Hold My Knots offers gift cards that customers can buy and use for orders. Plus, they have merchandise you can purchase from t-shirts, hats, face masks, and scrunchies. Catering is also offered here with a great selection of trays, assortments, etc., you can order. Overall, Hold My Knots is a great food place, and eat a garlic knot slider!

Rate: 10/10

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