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Harvest & Ale (Farm-To-Table - Oakland, New Jersey)

A few weeks ago, my family and I tried out Harvest & Ale in Oakland, New Jersey for my mom's birthday, and the place overall was so great. Walking in, it has a very comfy, cozy, and home-like vibe that is perfect for fall and with the holidays coming up soon.

Every meal should start off with a margarita

For drinks, I had their 'Pumpkin Margarita,' which was pretty good. It had silver tequila, pumpkin puree, fresh lime juice, apple cider, and Grand Marnier (cognac and orange liqueur) with a cinnamon sugar rim. I will say aesthetically, this drinks looks phenomenal with all the fall colors. The taste itself was good, and I liked the twist between being both a margarita and pumpkin-flavored.

This pork was very crispy and delicious

For appetizers, my family and I ordered a few for the table. We got the 'Goat Cheese Fritters,' 'Heirloom Burrata,' and the 'Crispy Pork Scratching.'

Love me some good burrata

The 'Heirloom Burrata' was so good as it very fresh and creamy, plus it came with some prosciutto, roasted red peppers, cucumber, olives, and peaches. It was SO good, and you cannot go wrong with burrata, in my opinion. The 'Crispy Pork Scratching' was delicious as the pork was savory and tender.

Obsessed with these goat cheese fritters

And last but not least, the 'Goat Cheese Fritters' were the best and my favorite appetizer of them all. They were crispy, creamy, sweet, savory, and of course, cheesy. It came in a blueberry sauce, and this was delicious. I would have eaten a whole tub of those 'Goat Cheese Fritters' if I could.

Everything on this dish was SO good

For my main meal, I got the 'Bourbon Braised Porkbelly,' and it was great. This came in a pan demi glaze with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables. The vegetables were great, and the mashed potatoes were beyond fluffy and heavenly. The porkbelly was so good as the sauce was fantastic, and the meat was succulent and great to eat.

To learn more about the food and drinks from Harvest & Ale, you can check out the menu on their website for more. On the website, you can also book reservations in advance as well. If you are in search of new restaurant in the North Jersey, definitely hit up Harvest & Ale, as you will be very pleased.

Rate: 8.5/10

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