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Giovanni's (Italian/Deli - Fair Lawn, New Jersey)

I found Giovanni's on my Instagram feed recently, and the food just looked so heavenly I knew I had to give this place a review.

One of the main things Giovanni's stands out for is their homemade vodka sauce, so I knew I had to order something with that. I was stuck between ordering a chicken parm or a meatball parm. However, one of their sandwiches allows you to have both! Yes, that's right and it is 'The Batman & Robin,' which has both chicken and meatball parm together with their famous vodka sauce and fresh mozzarella sauce. This sandwich was amazing and all the flavors from the meat, bread, and fresh sauce and cheese just exploded in my mouth. The vodka sauce was incredible and hit the spot! My sandwich also came with a riceball which was also very delicious.

Name something better than a vodka chicken/meatball parm!

On top of that, I also ordered the 'Buffalo Mac & Cheese,' which came with orichetta pasta, crispy buffalo chicken (lots of it), and tons and tons of cheddar and blue cheese. I loved everything about this mac & cheese! For someone who can't ever get enough cheese and carbs, this satisfied me to the fullest to say the least.

Giovanni's is like any other deli where you can order anything from hot and cold sandwiches, salads, wraps, burgers, pasta, and more. For sandwiches, you can also create your own here from meats, cheese, veggies, toppings, condiments, etc. Also, for any sandwich that comes with vodka sauce, you can choose to either get yours in my a hero, wrap, or in pasta.

Just look at all that chicken and cheese

For eating, you can either go in person or order for pickup or delivery through ChowNow, Seamless, Postmates, DoorDash, Grubhub, etc. Giovanni's also caters as well and they have a phenomenal menu to choose from for any occasion or event you have. You can also subscribe to Club Gio's where you'll be included in any announcements, specials, deals, you name it! Overall, Giovanni's is a really great deal, the food is incredible and I highly recommend giving this place a try if you're able to!

Rate: 10/10

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