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Gazebo Grill and Sushi Bar (Grill & Sushi - Beach Haven, New Jersey)

Long Beach Island is a place that is near and dear to my heart that I have been coming down to every year throughout my entire life. Coming to Long Beach Island yearly means that I have my favorite and signature food spots that I like to go when I am down there, and one of those places for me is Gazebo Grill and Sushi Bar. The Gazebo is located at Bay Village, one of the main shopping center areas on the island, in Beach Haven. They have so much food to eat from all things grill-related as well as a sushi bar too, that is semi-separate from the rest of the place.

This picture does not do justice on how good this all looks and tastes

Every time I come to this place, I always order 'The Crabby BLT,' and it is so good! 'The Crabby BLT' comes with a crab cake (of course), lettuce, tomato, and bacon with chipotle aioli. On top of that, this sandwich comes with fries too that are golden, crispy, and oh so good. I love crab and crab cake, and every time I see it on a menu, I have to get it because I do not eat it often.

You can order your food for in-person, delivery, and takeout. If you go in-person, there is a great seating area with incredible views of the water, so you can enjoy your food with a view. Overall, definitely try out The Gazebo for a bite to eat if you are at Bay Village or down in Long Beach Island in general.

Rate: 9.75/10

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