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Gary & Meg's Chicken & Ribs (Chicken & Ribs - Wayne, New Jersey)

Gary & Meg's Chicken & Ribs is a chicken and ribs joint that I came across recently. They are located in Wayne, which is the town over from me, and I always pass by the place a lot and have been meaning to go, but keep forgetting. However, that wasn't up until recently as I did get food from Gary and Meg's, and I will say, everything was spectacular. Its homemade comfort food that you know is made from the heart with love, and, let's be real, that's always the best kind of food to eat!

This pic can easily make anyone hungry!

For my food, I got the 'Hand Pulled Pork Sandwich,' which is a pulled pork sandwich with barbeque sandwich. I'm a huge sucker for pulled pork, and this didn't disappoint. There was so much meat on my sandwich, and I wasn't mad about it because I wanted to keep taking more bits of the pork and did not want that part of my meal to end, lol! The meat was cooked perfectly, seasoned well, and had a lot of sauce (and I love extra sauce and condiments, so I was a happy camper, lol). Plus, the bread was fresh and soft too, which was an added bonus.

Nothing beats some good ol' pulled pork

Now I didn't realize this until after ordering from here, but for sandwiches, you have the option to order a meal which comes with two sides or just the sandwich. I ordered just the sandwich, and two sides coincidentally separated, lol. For my sides, I had the 'Meg's Cornbread Concoction,' which is cornbread and the 'Sinful Mac & Cheese.' The cornbread was delicious, and just like in the menu description, you definitely need a fork to eat this because it gets very messy. The cornbread was delicious and tastes like any other homemade cornbread you eat. However, this one had a twist to it because it didn't look or taste baked, and I don't mean that in a bad way. It was interesting, and I can't figure out or put on the tip of my tongue as to why the cornbread here is so unique. The mac and cheese will make you feel stuffed very fast as it was rich, creamy, and of course, cheesy.

Cornbread is always a 10/10

The portion amount here is so much that you definitely won't have to worry about being hungry. I had so much food that I couldn't eat all in one sitting, and I had a lot of leftovers for lunch the next day.

Cheesy, cheesy, and cheesy

Besides my meal, the other food you can order at Gary and Meg's are ribs, chili, shrimp, and chicken. The chicken has the same combos as the pulled pork does. For other sides, you are able to order coleslaw and collard greens. Needless to say, this is a Southern-based restaurant in the North. Gary and Meg's also has merchandise that customers can order like t-shirts, sweatshirts, and bags. Overall, Gary and Meg's Chicken & Ribs is a fantastic joint filled with comfort food and lots of love from the food and service. I promise you, this is the place to try if you want some good chicken and ribs.

Rate: 9/10

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