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G-Knows Cheesesteaks (Cheesesteaks - Point Pleasant, New Jersey)

A few weeks ago when I went down the Jersey Shore, I decided to try out G-Knows Cheesesteaks in Point Pleasant, and it was by far the best food decision I made down there, lol. The food was incredible, and every bite was simply heavenly. What does not go better than cheesesteaks and the beach?!

I got the 'Special Cheesesteak,' which came with pepperoni, mushrooms, sweet peppers, fried onions, mozzarella, and marinara. Eating this sandwich was fireworks in my mouth. Every bite was an explosion of flavor that was amazing! From the meatiness of the pepperoni and steak, to the cheesiness of the mozzarella, to the sweetness to the peppers and marinara, with the onions being a nice touch, and the bread being warm and soft. This was all to die for!

The 'Special Cheesesteak' is absolutely special

Besides my cheesesteak, I also had the 'Cheesesteak Eggrolls,' which is a specialty here, and I was obsessed!! It is eggrolls with steak and cheese with sweet Thai chili sauce. I swear almost everything should be made in an eggroll because, in my opinion, they taste SO good! You definitely can not go wrong with a crispy and crunchy shell with an awesome filling and dipping sauce. It is just *chef's kiss.*

Just look at how unbelievable these eggrolls are

On top of that, I also ordered some 'Onion Rings,' because why not, lol. The onion rings were delicious, as expected. It was like eating crispy clouds of heaven with onions right in the middle of them. These were some of the best onion rings I have had before.

I mean come on! How could you not want these onion rings?!

If you are looking to see what goodness G-Knows Cheesesteaks offers, you should check out their menu, as everything looks salivating! Pickup and delivery are offered here. Their Point Pleasant location is still relatively new, as they opened a few months ago. However, they also have a spot in Staten Island, if you are ever around there. Plus, they do have a food truck located in NYC that can be used and available for private events. All you have to do is inquire on their website. Overall, if you have not been to G-Knows Cheesesteaks before, you need to go NOW because you are truly missing out!

Rate: 10/10

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