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Cucina Calandra (Italian - Fairfield, New Jersey)

Cucina Calandra is an Italian restaurant near me in Fairfield, NJ, and the food here is incredible and authentic. I've been here a couple of times before and thought this place needed a review from me.

Cavatelli con Ragu di Salsiccia

One of the meals I've had here before that's pictured is their 'Cavatelli con Ragu di Salsiccia,' which is cavatelli with tomato sauce, sausage, and ricotta. It was spectacular and was simple but filling all at once, which always makes for a good meal. For dessert, I've eaten the 'Vanilla Profiteroles,' which is homemade gelato in a puff pastry shell topped with a chocolate ganache with whipped cream and cinnamon toasted walnuts. I have not ever had a profiterole before, and I will say I was missing out because it is delicious.

The Vanilla Profiteroles

Some of the other dishes I've had here before is one of their pasta specials. I don't know the name of it but it was pappardelle pasta with sausage, eggplant, and peas in vodka sauce. This was amazing and I wish that dish was an actual menu item because I would eat that every time I go there! One of the other dishes not pictured I've had is their 'Lasagna,' which has slow-braised beef and sausage with ricotta and mozzarella. Now, Calandra's has a few locations in the area, there's a bakery, an Italian Village that has some cafes as well as a market/deli, and a Mediterranean restaurant (which was where I had the lasagna).

Now you don't have to go in person to eat at Calandra's because you can order your food online too. They also have gift cards that customers can use as well. On top of that, weddings and private events are also held here and are a good place to consider if you're an occasion in the North Jersey area. Overall, Calandra's is worth the try and I recommend going if you're in the area!

Rate: 10/10

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