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Crossroads Deli (Deli - Bergenfield, New Jersey)

Ever since going to Fat Boy's out on Long Island, I've been on the hunt to find a great fat burrito, wrap, sandwich, etc., in the North Jersey area. That is until I found Crossroads Deli in Bergenfield, and I knew I had to go!

The Fat Bubba

When I researched Crossroads online on Instagram and their website, 'The Fat Bubba' stood out to me because it reminded me of a Fat Boy burrito, and I knew I had to get my hands and teeth on one. It has chicken cutlets, bacon, mac and cheese, and barbeque sauce. My tastebuds salivate just thinking about this wrap because it is SO good! The combination between the chicken, bacon, mac & cheese, and bbq sauce is unbelievable and unlike anything, you would eat. I would honestly have this every day for the rest of my life if I could!

Now besides 'The Fat Bubba,' Crossroads has a handful of incredible sandwiches to choose from either on a hero, wrap, or roll for breakfast and lunch. What makes this deli different is you can't go inside at all, you order and pick up your food from a stand outside and are only available through takeout or delivery whether you order in advance or in-person. Crossroads caters too and they have a great selection for people to choose from and they will help cater to your needs. If you're in Bergen County and looking for a great deli, definitely consider going to Crossroads because you won't regret it!

Rate: 10/10

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