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Cosimo's (Italian - Newburgh, New York)

One of the most well-known restaurants in the Hudson Valley is Cosimo's. They have a few locations scattered in Central Valley (Woodbury), Middletown, Newburgh (where I went), and Poughkeepsie. I went to college in Newburgh and always wanted to give to Cosimo's as I have heard nothing but incredible things about this place. However, I had the chance to go recently with my family the last time I was in the area.

Blueberry Spritzes are THE drink to get

To start off my meal, I ordered the 'Blueberry Spritz' for my drink, which had Stoli Blueberry Vodka and Fresh Blueberry Puree with San Pellegrino Sparkling Limonata. This drink was amazing, and although it did not look blue, it tasted very blueberry-like. It was really sweet and refreshing, and I did not want to finish the drink because it was so good, lol.

My mouth is watering look at the 'Pasta Alla Buttera'

For my actual meal, I got the 'Pasta Alla Buttera,' which came with rigatoni, sweet sausage, peas, and rosemary in a tomato cream sauce. I loved everything about this! I am a huge sucker for a killer pasta dish, and this exceeded my expectations! I thought all the flavors went perfectly together from the creaminess of the sauce, the sweet and savory of the sausage, the pasta being cooked just right, and the peas being a nice touch. It was all very fantastic! I would eat this dish every day for the rest of my life no problem!

This cannoli was perfect way to end my Cosimo's meal

To end my night, I had to get some dessert and ordered a 'Cannoli.' I wanted something sweet and somewhat light, and this was perfect. I did not want anything heavy as I was already starting to feel somewhat full. This cannoli was delicious and completely hit the spot, and it was incredible. Great sweet hard shell with the creamy filling with chocolate chips *chef's kiss.*

Cosimo's is open for lunch and dinner everyday of the week. Catering is offered for all events held at the restaurant and even off the property too, which is pretty cool. On the website, you can view the on-premise and off-premise packages, the private rooms to determine which room you would like your event at in Cosimo's, trays to-go, and all Pharma options for to-go or on-premise. Now, Pharma is a package special specifically for the hospitals, medical groups, and special medical facilities all across the area. How cool is that?! You can buy and use gift certificates for this establishment too. Cosimo's is definitely one of the best restaurants to eat out from in the Hudson Valley area!

Rate: 10/10

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