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Cornbread Farm To Soul (Southern - Montclair, New Jersey)

Sometimes, you do not have to go to the South to find some good and comforting Southern food, especially when you can go to Cornbread Farm To Soul in Montclair. This place has true Southern food that is absolutely delicious and will leave you wanting more. Cornbread Farm To Soul has a few locations throughout the area in Montclair (where I went), Maplewood, Newark, and Brooklyn.

When I went, I got one of the menu specials, the '3-Piece Fried Chicken Meal with One Side.' This is pretty self-explanatory, however, I chose to get the 'Mac & Cheese' as my side, and as a bonus, my meal also came with a piece of cornbread. In all honesty, I will say everything from every bite tasted truly incredible and fresh! The 'Fried Chicken' was spectacular, as the meat was incredibly tender, juicy, and succulent, and there was lots of it! Plus, the skin was super crispy and fantastic. The 'Mac & Cheese' was magnificent, as it was very cheesy and baked, just like a casserole, which we all know is how I love my mac & cheese! The 'Cornbread,' was light, fluffy, perfect, and corn-flavored, lol.

At Cornbread Farm To Soul, customers can order any of the menu specials just like my order, or you can get one of the meals with two sides, meals with no sides, or any of the all-day specials, which are on the website. Now, you do not have to get fried chicken, as there is also baked chicken, turkey wings, ribs, whiting (fish), and catfish. For sides, besides the 'Mac & Cheese,' there is also yellow rice, candied yams, collared greens, cabbage, potato salad, black-eyed peas, a waffle, cornbread, and more. Plus, there is dessert (peach and apple cobbler) and beverages, some being true, traditional Southern drinks.

Pickup and delivery are both offered here. Catering is also available at all four locations. On the website, you can also subscribe to the mailing list for all updates, events, and specials, and if you are looking for work, you can also apply for a job. I highly suggest you go to Cornbread Farm To Soul and try some of their delicious Southern food because you are truly missing out if you have not had it before!

Rate: 10/10

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