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Cinnaholic (Dessert - Westfield, New Jersey)

I did not think that it was possible to find a bakery or dessert shop that is 100% vegan and dairy-free, but I did! Cinnaholic is a cinnamon roll bakery that is all natural and plant based, and to be honest, the food is amazing!! I found this place on Instagram and had to see how good everything here really is, and this place exceeded my expectations beyond!

You could not even tell this looks and taste vegan & dairy-free!

When I went, I ordered the 'Biscoff Cookie Butter Roll,' which is a cinnamon roll with Biscoff cookie butter frosting with biscoff crumbs, sugar, and sprinkles. I swear on everything that I could not taste a difference! It tasted exactly the same as a normal cinnamon roll, and I could not believe it! Very sweet, sugar, and obviously cinnamon-like. It was probably one of the best desserts I have ever had in my whole life! I also got a 'Cookie Dough Scoop - Confetti,' which is edible and comes with cake batter frosting and sprinkles. It was SO good, just very delicious.

Edible cookie dough is always a win

Besides cinnamon rolls and edible scoops of cookie dough, you can also get some cookies, chocolate chip banana bread, frosting, brownies, coffee, hot chocolate, and more. Catering is offered here, and Cinnaholic has a ton and ton of different stuff people can order for any kind of occasion, including gifts that are on the menu. They have a few locations. I went to the Westfield location, but they also have spots in Metuchen, Sea Girt, Marlton, and soon-to-be East Windsor and Staten Island. Plus, they also have a bunch of locations throughout Maryland, Virginia, and even Canada! You can order and eat in person as well as takeout and/or delivery. I cannot say enough good things about Cinnaholic, and the food here and I cannot wait to go back again!

Rate: 10/10

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