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Cinders Wood Fire Grill (Bar/Tavern - Mine Hill, New Jersey)

My latest new restaurant find was Cinders Wood Fire Grill in Mine Hill, New Jersey. I came here with a friend, and everything was just great. I liked this place a lot as everything was fantastic from the food, service, and atmosphere.

Nice tall glass of Blue Moon is always the move

To start the night off, I ordered a 'Blue Moon,' which came in this chilled glass with an orange, and this hit the spot. For appetizers, my friend and I had the 'Buffalo Chicken Wontons,' and I am not joking these were the best things ever!! Buffalo Chicken Wontons NEED to be popularized more because they are insanely delicious. The wontons have a buffalo chicken filling that came with a blue cheese dipping sauce, and they are delicious! I could have just eaten those for my meal and would have been completely satisfied.

Buffalo Chicken Wontons need to be hyped up more

Cinders has a seasonal specials menu, and from their Spring Specials menu, I got the 'Border Burger,' which had fried pepper jack, chorizo, pickled jalapenos, and avocado aioli that came with fries. The burger was very tasty, and my favorite thing was the fried pepper jack. I forgot that it was fried, but I thought that was really cool though! The burger was cooked medium, to perfection, and to my liking. The fries were very crispy and golden on the outside, but soft and fluffy on the inside, just how I like it!

Quite a good burger if I'd say so myself

For dessert (not pictured), my friend and I shared a piece of the 'Dulce De Leche Cheesecake.' It came with dulce de leche mousse and chocolate shavings. This piece of cheesecake was the best way to end the night. It was sweet, dulce de leche flavored, and all-around amazing.

Cinders offers a bunch of different menus you can order from brunch, sandwiches, appetizers, soup & salad, pizza, dinners, dessert, drinks, and more. Catering is provided to customers for all on and off-premise events that you have. Pickup and delivery are offered here as well. Cinders is the perfect place to accommodate all your needs, and make sure you try them out!

Rate: 9/10

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