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Chip City (Cookies - Montclair, New Jersey)

The other day, I went to downtown Montclair, and stumbled upon Chip City, as I was craving something sweet. Chip City is notorious for their delicious cookies that are hard and crunchy on the outside, and warm and gooey on the inside, and they are GOOD.

When I went, I got three different cookies, as I wanted to try more than one cookie flavor, and boxes come with at least three cookies. The flavors I got were the 'French Toast Cookie,' 'Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie,' and the 'Dairy-Free Mocha Cookie.' These cookies all tasted exactly how they would! The 'French Toast' tasted very cinnamony and sugary, the 'Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter' had a great balance between the dark chocolate and peanut butter that made my tastebuds salivate, and the 'Mocha' was my favorite one, as the flavor was so tempting and addicting!

Besides cookies, you can also get lil' chips (mini cookies), iced coffee and espresso, milk, water, and merchandise at Chip City. Pickup, catering, local delivery, and nationwide shipping are all offered here, which means you do not have to live in New Jersey and/or New York to grab some Chip City cookies. Customers can purchase gift cards online as gifts. On top of New Jersey and New York, Chip City also has locations all across the East Coast in Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Virginia. What are you waiting for?! Go try some Chip City cookies, and see how delicious they are!

Rate: 9.25/10

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