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Cheesesteaks by the Truffleist (Truffle Cheesesteaks - Bryant Park (Manhattan, New York))

I found Cheesesteaks by the Truffleist on Instagram a little under a year ago and have been dying try this place out ever since. I was immediately sold when I saw they have truffle cheesesteaks. It sounds and looks completely boujee and delicious. Now for all my Jersey and New York peeps, the most convenient way to get a cheesesteak from Cheesesteaks by the Truffleist is at the Winter Village in Bryant Park, which is held annually from the end of October to the beginning of January (that's at least for this place only).

Amazing = The Goat Cheese & Truffle Honey Cheesesteak

All cheesesteaks are served with ribeye steak, caramelized onions, peppers, mozzarella and provolone cheese with a bechamel cheese sauce on a toasted roll. I ordered the 'Goat Cheese & Truffle Honey Cheesesteak,' which I think is pretty self-explanatory so I won't get into detail. However, this was AMAZING to simply put it, lol. OMG, I cannot even begin to explain how savory, delicious, and satisfying this cheesesteak was! It was meaty, tangy, sweet, and especially cheesy to say the least. If you could look up the definition of perfect, that would be this sandwich! Also, I got the 'Cheesy Truffle Fries,' which are curly fries with the bechamel sauce. These were spectacular! The fries were very golden and crispy, and having the cheese on them really hit the spot! Everything was so good, and I left completely stuffed, which is when you know you had a meal-done-right!

You can't ever go wrong with cheese fries...and some truffle

Now outside of the food stand, is the company and headquarters called "The Truffleist," based out of Long Island City in Queens. Outside of the cheesesteaks, they sell a ton of truffle products and merchandise at multiple stores across the country. Besides the Winter Village in Bryant Park, they are at the Smorgasburg out in Los Angeles sometimes, if any of you happen to go at some point. My only complaint is that I wish they have a permanent cheesesteak joint in the area, as they definitely deserve to have one! If you have the chance head over to the Winter Village in the city at Bryant Park anytime soon, you better try a cheesesteak soon before the season is over!

Rate: 10/10 (this definitely deserves higher than a 10!)

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