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Berg's Smoked Meat & Poutine (Sandwiches - Belmar, New Jersey)

I have heard of Berg's Smoked Meat & Poutine before, and when I was down in Belmar a few weeks ago, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try it out. This place is known for its Poutine (the Canadian dish of fries with cheese and gravy) and Montreal pastrami and brisket as it is supposed to be out of this world. I seriously cannot rave or praise enough how incredible the food from this place is because it is so good that it is addicting.

Perfection in a picture

I ordered a 'Pastrami Russian Sandwich,' which had Montreal style pastrami, swiss, coleslaw, and Russian dressing on Rye bread. I am not kidding, this was by far the BEST sandwich I have ever eaten in my whole life. Everything was so good I could almost start crying at how amazing it was! The pastrami was seriously to die for, and just melted in my mouth like butter! It was tender, juicy, smoked, and just delectable! The meat was definitely the star of the sandwich. However, I have to give some love to the other sandwich components too because those were all incredible as well, and complemented the sandwich beautifully. I also got some 'Potato Salad' as a side, and that was beyond delicious as well!

So much fry, cheese, & gravy goodness right here

Besides the sandwich, I also had their 'Classic Poutine,' which came with French fries, gravy, and cheese curds. This was my first time trying Poutine, and I loved every bite of it! Everything about this was incredible, and the flavors of the fries, cheese, and gravy together tasted like heaven in food form. I am not sure why I waited this long to try Poutine, but I am definitely not waiting that long for the next time I order it, lol.

You can check out Berg's menu online and see what you want to eat before ordering. Takeout, delivery, and catering are all offered here for customers. Next time you are down in Belmar and need of a good sandwich or want a quick bite and to try something new, you HAVE to go to Berg's Smoked Meat & Poutine because this is THAT place!

Rate: 10/10 (should definitely be higher than 10)

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