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Ameti's Gourmet Pizza (Pizza/Italian - Pequannock, New Jersey)

Recently, my family and I were in the mood for takeout on a Friday night and wanted to try a place we had not eaten from before. We decided on Ameti's Gourmet Pizza in Pequannock, and although I was not in the mood for pizza, the food here is delicious, and they give you plenty!

Anything with a bed of sauce and cheese is guaranteed to be delicious

I ordered the 'Veal Parmesan,' and it was so good. I do not think I need to explain what was in the dish as it is pretty self-explanatory, but this was super saucy and cheesy, and the veal was breaded and tasted like perfection. I also liked how everything tasted fresh as well! On top of the veal, I was able to get a side of either salad or pasta, and I chose to have 'Rigatoni,' and it was a nice touch to my meal. In my opinion, every Italian meal should come with a pasta side of some sort, lol.

This pic is making me hungry for some pasta

To learn more about Ameti's menu, you should definitely check out their website, and see all the good food they offer here. Takeout and delivery is provided for customers as well. They are open everyday, so you can order or show up whenever. Overall, if you are in the North Jersey area, and are looking for a good pizza/Italian place, definitely give Ameti's Gourmet Pizza a try!

Rate: 8.75/10

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