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American Melts (Sandwiches - Kenilworth, New Jersey)

Over this past weekend, I went down to Kenilworth in Union County, and tried out a (new for me) food spot called American Melts. I found American Melts on Instagram, and the food looked terrific, and you know I had to go try for myself. This place is actually a food stand, and on the exterior, it looked really welcoming. Sometimes, I have learned that some of the greatest food joints are the unique ones that are not traditional and cookie-cutter.

Drooling looking at this melted goodness

For food, I ordered ' The Carnegie,' which came with turkey, swiss, cheddar, roasted red pepper, Thousand Island dressing, and coleslaw on rye bread. This sandwich was to die for, and is basically similar to a reuben. The melt was crunchy, crispy, cheesy, creamy, and just spectacular all around. Every bite was delicious, and you could tell from eating that this spot is so homemade that you can taste the love in the food. On top of that, I also got some 'Tater Tots,' as well, and those were delicious. Golden, crispy, greasy, and fluffy on the inside...does not get better than that!

Have not come across a tater tot before I do not love

You can check out their website, and see what other spectacular sandwiches and melts there are. This place is available for takeout, for those interested. As a reminder, American Melts is only open from 11 A.M. to 3 P.M. everyday, so make sure if you go to order and go during that time. Overall, American Melts is definitely worth the spot, and who cannot say no to good food.

Rate: 9/10

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