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Ambo (Indian - Manhattan (Greenwich Village), New York)

I am all about trying new food, and I had the opportunity the other day to try Indian food for the first time. I went to Ambo's in Greenwich Village, and I felt the food and place itself was great. The vibe I got of Ambo's reminded me similar to Chipotle or Cava, where it is over-the-counter buffet style, where you can create your own bowls, and choose from a variety of bases (rice), protein, vegetables, toppings, sauces, and more.

Tasty can also be colorful too

When I went to Ambo's, I had their 'Everyday Bowl,' and got mine with basmati rice, black dal (buttery black lentils), Chicken Tikka with Tikka Masala sauce, Aloo Bhaji (potatoes), pickled onions, and coconut chutney with biryani sauce. The bowl itself was delicious, and I felt there were a bunch of flavors that meshed together while eating this from sweet, savory, tangy, and zesty. I did not know what to expect when eating this bowl, as this was my first time eating Indian food, but overall, I was very satisfied and full afterwards. I was surprised on how full I got after eating this bowl, but looking back, it had a ton of filling components which makes sense.

At Ambo's, you can order bowls, plates, Naan, specialty drinks, and much more. Pickup and delivery is offered here for customers. Catering is also an option here as well as Ambo's provides buffet-style catering, for those who are interested for events. If you are looking to for some good Indian food or are in the mood to try out something new and different, I would definitely suggest going to Ambo's!

Rate: 8/10

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