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A Taco Affair (Tacos - Little Falls, New Jersey)

Can we talk about how A Taco Affair in Little Falls is out-of-this-world?! Seriously, the food here is spectacular, tastes amazing, and the service and atmosphere at this place are incredible. A Taco Affair is a taco place in Little Falls, New Jersey, that I found through Atmosfy, which is another app I post my food review content on. For those unfamiliar with Atmosfy, it is a food and hospitality app that is a combination similar to TikTok and Yelp that gives public recommendations through videos.

When coming to A Taco Affair, the menu options were endless, and I ordered a lot of stuff because from my pics and order, how could I not?! The first thing I got was the 'Buttermilk Fried Chicken Taco,' which had fried chicken (of course), bacon, green tomato, and jalapeno ranch. The chicken was super crispy, fried to perfection, and the meat was very tender. I loved the jalapeno ranch, as it was creamy and gave the sauce and taco a nice little kick.

The second taco I ate was the 'Crab Fritter Taco,' which had crab cakes, corn and black bean salsa, and chipotle aioli. The crab cakes were super tasty, and the salsa was a nice touch to the tacos. Overall, the flavoring of everything was delicious and perfect.

The next taco I had was the 'Pork Al Pastor Taco.' This taco had marinated pork, pico de gallo, queso fresco, green cabbage, and pineapple habanero aioli. The pork was super succulent, and there were a lot of fantastic sauces and juices from the meat, veggies, and aioli that were very tasty.

The fourth taco I ordered was the 'Steakhouse Taco,' which was my personal favorite out of all of them. The 'Steakhouse Taco' had horseradish-marinated steak, BBQ caramelized onions, roasted potatoes, truffle aioli, and crumbled blue cheese. Let me first start by saying that this was UNBELIEVABLE! Everything in this taco was incredible and made my taste buds explode! The steak tasted beyond good, the onion and potatoes were top-notch, the truffle aioli was a chef's kiss, and the blue cheese was definitely the key ingredient that elevated this taco to the next level. If and when you go to A Taco Affair, the 'Steakhouse Taco' is a MUST on everyone's order!!

Besides tacos, I also ordered the 'Truffled Yuca Fries,' which were steak-cut yuca fries with truffle oil, parmesan cheese, and a chili garlic aioli. The aioli went perfectly with these fries as it was super savory and tangy. The fries themselves were just truffle and parmesan goodness. Who does not love anything with truffle and I right?! It almost makes food taste luxurious, lol.

On top of that, I was also in the mood for something sweet and got the 'Churros,' which were covered in cinnamon and sugar and came with a side of salted caramel and rum chata cream cheese dipping sauces. The churros were dynamite, and the caramel sauce was incredible. However, the rum chata cream cheese was spectacular! It tasted just like a rum chata, and complimented the churros well! You also have the option of ordering a chili pepper chocolate dipping sauce with the churros too. I did not get that one, but it sure sounds great!

At A Taco Affair, you can order anything from tacos, shareables, sides, desserts, and more. Besides their Little Falls location, they also have one in Denville, and even in Savannah, Georgia. This restaurant hosts and caters to private events, which customers can acquire through their website. Catering is offered here, and so are pickup and delivery (through a delivery service). For anyone interested in working at this spot, you can apply online on the website. A Taco Affair will leave you talking to everyone you know about how awesome this place is, and how you should go!

Rate: 10/10

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