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Wired Coffee House (Coffee - Oceanside, New York)

I came across Wired Coffee House on Instagram, and I was memorized how presentable the coffee and food looked at this place. One thing I love and try to find in places for reviewing is finding menu items that stand out in words and pictures, so when I found this coffee shop I knew I had to review it.

I got the 'Cookie Butter Latte,' which is coffee with cookie butter. Apparently, this is a signature drink here. I like my coffee iced, so I got mine with that plus whole milk and it hit the spot! If you haven't had cookie butter, I suggest you do because it's delicious, it tastes like cookies and butter, very sweet and sugary but amazing all at once!

The Cookie Butter Latte

Some of the other standout coffees there are the Nutella and Cereal Milk frappes, Chocolate/White Chocolate lattes, French Toast lattes, Snickerdoodle lattes, Oreo and S'mores Cold Brews, and so much more. All drinks are served hot or cold of your choice. The Wired Coffee House also has lots of pastries as well as breakfast and regular sandwiches to select.

You can go either in-person to order or have it delivered or prepared in advance for pickup through a delivery app online. There's not much space to stay around, but the service and staff are friendly and great! Overall, this place is incredible and I will be coming back when I'm in the area!

Rate: 10/10

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