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White Manna (Burgers - Hackensack, New Jersey)

I found White Manna while watching Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives recently, and saw how Guy Fieri and the customers at this joint were raving about how incredible the burgers here are and that there's nothing like them. Fun fact but White Manna has received numerous press attention from the Food Network, The Travel Channel, and many magazine and news outlets. So you know had to see what the hype was about, eat some burgers, and give my two sense.

These burgers are to die for!

Now the burgers are all "slider size" here, so it is recommended that you should probably order at least a few burgers. When I went, I heard many people ordering anywhere between four to seven burgers because that's how small they are, but they make up for it in taste though. I got three hamburgers with grilled onions and ketchup on potato rolls (as both are options for all burgers), and let me just say that I will not ever find a better burger to eat in my life other than a White Manna burger. This place is truly top-tier with flavor and cooking everything to perfection. There's nothing else better to describe these burgers other than they are spectacular, a dream, and nothing else out there like anything else. The only thing I was disappointed by was when I finished them all because I wanted more!

Fresh, crispy, golden, & crinkle-cut

I also ordered got fries which are regular crinkle-cut fries. These were delicious, crispy, and not too oily or greasy, which was great. Other than what I ordered, White Manna also serves cheeseburgers, cheese fries, milkshakes as classics, and a steak sandwich as well as turkey and faux meat burgers.

Now, this place is VERY, VERY small, and I can't emphasize that enough. Eating in-person is an option, but it gets crowded quickly, and ordering to-go in-person or online in advance are selections here too. There is also merchandise that customers can also buy from here, such as gift cards, shirts, and hats. Trust me when I say this place is by far the #1 best spot to find good burgers. I don't think I'll ever find a good enough place that matches White Manna's excellence all-around, so go try a burger from there if you get the chance!

Rate: 10/10 (should be higher than 10)

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